Monday, 20 August 2012

Kids Label Yamboo lands in India

Cheers! Festive time is close on heels. It’s about time you get inside your wardrobe, I mean literally and take stock of your wear stock.  Some may fill you with nostalgia while other hangings may need immediate removal to make room for new arrivals.

An affordable range of new arrivals in festive collection is being released by Geetsfashion through its online store at  In New Arrival category, mostly formal and casual wear are displayed in Indian and western theme. Festive collection appropriately relates upcoming festivals like Nav Ratri, Deepawali or any event related gatherings during festive season. Party wear is uber premium yet affordable evening wear with soft elements of romance.

A delectable line of kids wear from Spanish fashion giant Lostelares, a renowned fashion company in Europe is being introduced under their brand label Yamboo by Geetsfashion for the first time in Indian market. So have fun, splurge and preen. 


  1. Yesterday I bought red dress, really it was looking awesome. Definitely i will prefer again this portal for online shopping.......fantastic experience