Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tune in to kurtis in a new AVATAR

Ladies kurtis are nowadays coming into fashions. Every woman has a desire to look beautiful. No matter how beautiful you are, you always wish to look best one in all. However, to look beautiful and gorgeous you should always attempt to choose attire that suits your personality and height, your color and interest. There are so many designers are working continuously to various design’s cloths and makes them to reach their designs worldwide and gain the fame worldwide. Ladies Kurtis are preferred by most of the female buyers to be worn on several parties or auspicious moments of life. While now a day’s world is changing drastically into well organized world in all respect and also going deeper and deeper into the world of fashion.

Ladies kurtis are in top of the fashion. In fact today you will find different types of kurtis like cotton kurtis, printed kurtis, embroidered kurtis, party wear kurtis and short kurtis which can be worn on jeans, capris, skirts if you wish to add an Indian touch to everyday wear. Some of these Kurtis are ornamented with beads and sequins, mirror work, Lace work, patch work, floral work and other kinds of traditional Indian stuff. Some have embroidery, batik prints, tie-and-dye prints and other type of prints as well.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The fashion industry now caters to children’s designer clothing.

Before, fashion trend involved only the adults, but now a days modern world has totally changed. Even children are already in lime light with fashion trends. The days are gone when kids used to wear everything and anything according to their parent's choice for them. Now kids always want to be dressed in fashionable clothes as they want to be a fashionable kid. They want to be dresses in attires of their own choice and have their own favorites. The fashion industry now caters to children’s designer clothing. Young children can now enjoy a varied and extensive range of fashion clothes, which helps them to set a fashion trend of their own.Even very young children have their own preferences, and many fashion designers are now focusing on babies and children’s wear. 

You can now find colorful, original, ingenious, stimulating, and appealing clothes for both the girls and the boys here Kids wear has a lot of variety which includes kids fashion clothing, kids nightwear, kids ready made garments, kids rompers, kids tops, kids knitted wear, kids winter clothing, kids summer clothing, organic clothing. It is important for parents to encourage creative choices, it is always better for a kid to choose style they feel comfortable as they desire to attract the attention of kids of their age .They want to choose their clothing from designer collection for kids. Always encourage child to choose colors and style they like, as opposed to setting for what everyone else tells them to wear as eye catching colors and attractive designs tells their personality and style also help them to stand out of the crowd and this will attract the attention of people of all age groups. 

You can now find superhero costumes and outfits with a small click here, as well as accessorized girls dresses.Children of today's times are inclined towards aesthetics, originality, and beauty. Clothing stores for children provide a wide range of clothing choices for boys and girls; and so your little one is taught to choose a particular fashion trend at a very early age. Childhood is the learning phase of life, where children should take up good things in life; develop good taste on everything and today kids are very conscious about their dressings and their appearance. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ladies Kurtis For All Seasons

Among a wide selection of latest and trendy women apparel available these days, Ladies Kurta is one such desirable attire that can never go wrong in any occasion. Ladies Kurtis are something which are in fashion and also trendy. Ladies kurtis come in a variety in terms of styles, colors, fabrics, lengths, size and necklines. Symbolizing both elegance and style, these kurtis are becoming a popular choice of girls & women alike. Ladies kurtis are suit all body types and women of all ages.

Depending on the fabric, the kurtis are worn on different occasions- formal, informal and big or small. When worn along with jeans or Capri, kurtis look chic and too stylish. Kurtis when worn with leggings give a traditional look and are more comfortable for all occasions whether it’s formal or informal. These both combinations are desired by most of the girls especially for casual purposes. Embroideries on some kurtis are embellished with beads, sequins, thread and mirrors on them. Kurtis for ladies are also available in different prints like traditional Indian block prints, batik prints, tie-and-dye prints or other prints.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Diwali!!!!

May millions of lamps illuminate ur life
with endless joy,prosperity,health & wealth forever
Wishing u and ur family a very


Monday, 17 September 2012

Ladies fashion apparel is constantly evolving in terms of style and silhouette.

Geets fashion has more ladies dresses collection which suits all body type and women of all ages. When worn along with leggings and jeans, the kurtis look fashionable and much stylish and especially when these paired with leggings give a more traditional look which is suitable for informal as well formal occasions.


In term of variety these ladies kurtis come in a different style, color, lengths, fabrics and sizes and available in cotton fabrics. Different type of printing and embroideries on these kurtis make them all classical and attractive. So, if you are evasive and want to buy a dress that has elegance, charm and style altogether, then go for a Ladies Kurti as it will never let you down. Cotton kurtis are popular in the series of casual women wear and you can buy kurtis online from

Monday, 20 August 2012

Kids Label Yamboo lands in India

Cheers! Festive time is close on heels. It’s about time you get inside your wardrobe, I mean literally and take stock of your wear stock.  Some may fill you with nostalgia while other hangings may need immediate removal to make room for new arrivals.

An affordable range of new arrivals in festive collection is being released by Geetsfashion through its online store at  In New Arrival category, mostly formal and casual wear are displayed in Indian and western theme. Festive collection appropriately relates upcoming festivals like Nav Ratri, Deepawali or any event related gatherings during festive season. Party wear is uber premium yet affordable evening wear with soft elements of romance.

A delectable line of kids wear from Spanish fashion giant Lostelares, a renowned fashion company in Europe is being introduced under their brand label Yamboo by Geetsfashion for the first time in Indian market. So have fun, splurge and preen. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The clothesline for kids is reasonably priced considering the high quality

Talking about kids’ fashion without dragging moms in it would be a story only half told. For moms who splurge on designer wear for themselves would definitely adorn their kids to match their own turnout. For those aesthetics conscious moms a baby is the ultimate accessory and after breaking their bank account to adorn themselves with designer brands, it will be an awkward wardrobe fit if they do not coordinate their kids’ accessories with their own.
Okay, I may be half kidding--but fortunately for those women, new clothing lines for kids is available online now.

Upscale children's clothing and accessories started entering the scene about two years ago, but made a surge this season with Geets showing its collection at its online store and Geetsfashion offline stores across New Delhi/NCR.

The clothesline for kids is reasonably priced considering the high quality, baby-skin friendly fabrics employed with aesthetics and styling. Besides moms, doting grandparents are a large part of the people spending on these lines as gifting. At last! There is one company who is seriously fashioning the kids and not the other way round of kidding the fashion.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hi-Fashion@Low Cost

Timeless styles, superior tactile quality and bewitching designs - just a few words that describe the label-Geets. Available exclusively at and Geetsfashion stores across Delhi/NCR and a hit with fashionistas everywhere, this eponymous Indian fashion label is now a rage among women of sixteen to sixty age groups as it very subtly deals with the sensibilities and needs of today’s women. High quality fabrics are used throughout the range of well-fitting ladies' apparel which means that you're sure to look extraordinarily beautiful and wanting in any of Geets’ designs. 

Dresses, tops, salwars, blouses, tunics and kurtis in stylish collection are available in limited numbers which also helps avoid embarrassing encounters of twin-wear as the probability of such accidents is reduced to negligible due to small quantities made and sold on pan-India market through and new styles are introduced every week.  Still busy reading this blog…? Come on! Logoff now and log on to and start shopping and if you are a mom or aunt, you can shop for your young kids some very fun filled comfort clothing at unfathomably low prices. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Age Kids Have Their Own Preferences

Today, children have a myriad and extensive range of fashion clothes and accessories which helps them to set a fashion trend of their own. New age kids have their own preferences, and many fashion designers are now focusing on babies and children’s wear. You can now find colorful, original, ingenious, stimulating, and appealing clothes for both the girls and the boys. Superhero costumes and outfits, as well as accessorized girls dresses are in great demand. Children of today’s times make great noise about aesthetics, originality, and comfort. 
Online clothing stores for children provide a wide range of clothing choices for boys and girls. At the very early age, children learn to discern different fashion trends and choose particular styles to carry themselves with elan. Here, parents have to be very observant and careful about the choices their children make. This could be a pointer to their future leanings and parents can step in to make kids learn to fine tune their aesthetic sense.

Kid’s clothes are more affordable now and this is due to emerging discount shops, import of clothes and online stores and their accessibility from any part of the globe. Most online stores offer high quality clothing articles at a much cheaper price.  An online store offers kids’ and women clothing at extremely low prices with new trends introduced every week. You can choose from among a wide variety of designer clothes and other cost cutting alternatives online from this site.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Assertive Kids Cry Fashion

Parents, especially moms find themselves in the battleground with their kids when it comes to the choice of clothing. Gone are the times when kids were draped in shapeless baggy out fits in bright floral prints bought by their parents periodically. Today, no matter what age your child is, few topics are as fraught with emotion for parents as their children’s clothing. Children assert their budding authority by indicating what they should be wearing. 

Clothes are one way children can express themselves and put their foot down when they feel something to their dislike is happening in another area of their life.” Choosing clothes is an important mode of self-expression for children.