Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yellow Tunic


  1. I purchased this yellow dress through online shopping, along with several other shirts of the same style but a different color. It was meant to be an oversized pajama shirt. I bought it many sizes smaller so it would be more fitted. I used to wear this yellow shirt when I went out with my friends with a trendy pair of jeans and matching bright yellow flip-flops. While my friends wore their black tank tops and flashy sequin tops, I wore my yellow PINK shirt. I was telling the people in whatever club or bar we went to, that by wearing this shirt I was casual, laid back, low maintenance, and it showed just enough cleavage to be sexy if I wanted to attract all party members liked that I could wear this shirt without showing too much skin. The material is breathable. I was always comfortable when I wore it. The color was a bright yellow, which made me stand out. This shirt was the ultimate going out weapon.